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Illuminati only accepts members with a minimum of 5 million might. Illuminatii, our building alliance, accepts members with a minimum of 200k might.
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Welcome to the Illuminati/Illuminatii website! You can find us playing Kingdoms of Camelot on the Caval 122 server.
Guild News

Forums Updated, Vent Module Added, and MORE!

IlluAdmin, Jan 27, 11 9:55 AM.
You may now notice that on the frontpage, you can see the ventrilo server and who's logged in and in which room. You can even click on the little (i) next to the server name to access the ventrilo server and port information should you forget it!

Please note that if you click "connect," you will still get an error as the script does not automatically add the password to the server. This is to protect us so that visitors to our site cannot access our ventrilo server and spam it while in use. We want our secrets to remain just that... secrets!

Please also note that you can make requests for assistance/resources using the resources tab, post in many new forums for help and assistance, read alliance guidelines, chat across alliances, and much more while using the website. Also keep an eye on the calendar for BABC and BB events like Trivia Nights, Auctions, and Friday Night Fights, as well as surprise war times!

This site can be a great tool, we just need YOU to use it, else it's just a neat little site with a lot of blank spots in it. Help us fill this place up so that we can be a force to be reckoned with!

Lumies, unite!

~ Bell

Letter to God from Mya Cline

MidgetLauri, Jan 21, 11 11:17 AM.
deer God, plese give mummy and dad mor muney. they ned to fix mums car. and plese make Emma stop playng with my dolls. she has her own ,and God mum neeeds two win her war wth those star people she is always mad at. luve you Mya

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

IlluAdmin, Jan 19, 11 6:15 PM.
Here's our free Lumie website for chatting, shouting, planning, and warring. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask for help, on the forums, in the chatroom, in the shoutbox, or in game. Enjoy!
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